Girls Junior Varsity Softball, Girls Varsity Softball · Summer Conditioning

All softball, volleyball, soccer and any female athlete that wants to get in shape. Summer Conditioning starts Monday June 15th from 10 – 11am on the SMS Football field.  Please arrive 10- 15 minutes ahead of time to take roll and get ready.


Please park or be dropped off by the baseball fields and enter closest to the concession stand.  This is were we will take roll and dismiss.

What to bring

Water – please make sure your bottle has your name clearly marked


Hand Sanitizer


Ball for your sport – soccer bring a soccer ball, softball bring a softball, volleyball bring a volleyball


No carpooling – all must ride separately unless you live together

No food

Bags can be brought if they are small- make sure you can pick your bag out – maybe put something on it to distinguish it from your someone else’s bag- these must remain 3 feet apart.

Make sure you have your own water- no sharing of water.

Bring a mask –

Restrooms will be available but if you need to use one you will need to have a coach take you to the restroom.

Athletes will remain 6 feet apart at all times.

If you don’t feel well please stay home.  In case of bad weather, check twitter as we will probably cancel for the day as we cannot go inside to condition.

Once the 10 days of conditioning are complete, softball will begin open field.  This is for anyone player who wants to work on their skills- fielding, pitching, catching, hitting. I will be at the SMS field from 9 to 10:30 on the following days to work with all who want to improve their softball skills. Please bring your glove, ball, and bat.

Dates- Mondays and Wednesday

June 29/July 1

July 6/ 8

July 13/15

July 20/22

July 27/29

 I am looking forward to working with all Raider Athletes.